Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Full Metal Jousting- Getting Picked

What is it about being picked for teams that makes even grown men whimper?  Picture sixteen tough jousters desperately hoping that they are not the last one picked for a team….  As we all stood their waiting to hear who would be the first pick, I was analyzing the situation - wondering who it would be.  When my thoughts were interrupted by the realization that he had picked me! Immediately an entire new set of emotions began to take hold.  It is pretty nerve wracking to be chosen first. Being chosen first includes the responsibility that we feel to make the choice valid.  Some people will remember good first picks but everyone remembers bad first round picks (i.e. Ryan Leaf).  So, I found a small measure of anxiety beginning to come over me as the gravity of being chosen first began to set in.  Then I realized that this wasn’t the first time I was “picked first”.  That’s exactly what God did.  It has been said many times by better men than I that we were chosen by God- picked as it were- to be in Christ Jesus- to be on His team so I won't recover that ground.  However, I wonder if we don't secretly hope Jesus picks us somewhere in the middle of the pack.  I mean we don't want to think God chose us last like “alright I guess I will go ahead and take Rope.”  But, we also aren't comfortable with the thought that we might be chosen first. “Oh, great!” we think, “He picked me first - now I suppose he wants me to excel on His team.”  The thought of being a part of some enterprise bigger than ourselves is cool, but the thought of being an integral part of that enterprise is a bit intimidating.  This is why people love to cheer their teams on from the stands but would be scared to death to have any of the jobs on the sideline or on the field.  Ultimately, it really is true, God chose you first. You are His first pick, His number one draft choice.  Let that sink in for a moment… Before you become too overwhelmed with the thought "why in the world would He pick me - - I don't know what I am doing",  relax with the truth that He who has begun this work in you is able to finish the work and deliver you complete and perfect in Him.

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  1. I chose you for your skill, your strength and your heart. I also chose you to be a leader.

    I stand by my choice.

  2. Rope, you are a leader, and a great role model for kids. My son (18) has been watching your career for years and was stoked to see you on FMJ. I started laughing when I saw ya, and said the Bulldogger will take it all!!!! Obviously Rod did his homework on ya!!! Good luck and God Bless

  3. Rope,
    Where to start. I barely know you. We go to Church and Sunday school together, when i'm in town.
    I didn't know who you were til Shirley posted on Facebook about someone from our church being on Full Metal Jousting.
    I'd never heard of it before. I don't watch much tv on the road.
    I just read your Bio on your website. WOW!
    For such an accomplished athlete your humility is envious.
    I enjoy listening to you speak!

    I'm glad you had fun on Full Metal Joust.

    Your Brother in Christ.
    Kyle Ruschmann