Friday, April 27, 2012

Now What?

What do you do the day after...? We all have something in front of us we are moving toward- a goal, or dream we are working towards.  But what happens when the time for that goal or dream has run its course? "I want to be valedictorian", "I want to get my High School diploma", "I want to get married", I want to be promoted."  Whatever the goal or dream there will come a day when you either reach the peak of that mountain or the window to climb closes and the question is "now what?".  It is like what happens to all who climb Mount Everest as soon as you reach the top you take a couple of pictures then you head back down.  But you know that is not how Kingdom life is intended to be.  While in the Kingdom as a son or daughter of God you will have good and bad days, but the Life we live in Christ is to be a perpetual assent.  We are to be like Abraham who spent his life passing through the land looking for a home whose maker and builder is God.  Everyone knows we can't stay in today when tomorrow comes no matter how good today was.  People look forward to their wedding day, graduation day, birthday... only to find when it gets here it is quickly past and they are left feeling forlorn.  However in the Kingdom, each new day is another few steps down the path with our Father and, while on the outside the steps taking you down some public path like FMJ might seem better, a private walk with our family and our King is just as awesome. 

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  1. you rock! we have been watching fmj which i had my husband record for me. i knew who you were from watching and following the prca and nfr for years. i knew the cowboy would shine as i am a cowgirl myself. all glory to god! love your words or shall i say Gods words spoken through you. only problem is now my husband wants to joust or bulldog steers! i respect jousting but there is something about a cowboy bulldogging a steer or riding a bronc or riding a bull that does it for me, nothing more attractive than a christian cowboy (biker)in my case. he is a beautiful christian man and shares my interest in horses, rodeo and everything country. i barrel raced when younger and raised some pretty well bred foundation quarter horses for a while. no longer have the horses or live on a ranch but still feel the connection watching and listening to great cowboys like yourself. keep the words coming. there are people who are hearing them and are grateful