Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drew Horner July Post

June and July have been rough for us, but we are finally getting back on track. We have a lot of chances left in July to make up for all the mistakes we have made.  I need to turn more steers to give my partner more chances and to let him see the feet more.  It has been frustrating at times to not win but it happens.  We are only half way through the season so there are a lot more rodeos left.  We have Cheyenne and Salinas this month, along with Nampa Idaho, Ogden Utah and some other big ones that we can make up a lot of ground with. 

            I changed my workout routines a little bit to help me regain focus.  I made it a little more athletically focused.   I do more cardio along with my weight training to keep my energy up and to develop more discipline and focus for my goals.  I am starting to feel stronger on horseback and it really helps me out with my rope speed and control.  I react faster now than I used to and I ride better throughout runs with my legs more now.  Staying in shape keeps you mentally and physically prepared.

            We’ve had a crazy past month or so.  It has been a long journey of ups and downs, but it has been an amazing journey.  Being able to see and meet people everywhere around the country, seeing all sorts of different parts of this land, and being able to compete nearly every day in rodeos has been such a learning experience.  God has definitely challenged me.  I didn’t realize how much I would actually learn out here on the road, not just for roping, but for life.  I mean stuff in life that actually matters.  It’s extremely easy to lose focus out here but God has put people around me to develop me and to help me grow.  The people in the rodeo world are a big help in my life.  I learn more about people every day on the road going to rodeos.  People have let us stay at their places and put up our horses, and even cook us some amazing home cooked meal.  You learn a lot about hospitality and service just based on the fact that these people truly want to help you.  They deliberately seek you out and ask you if you need a place to stay.  The “down home”, southern lifestyle that dwells within rodeo strengthens my morals and views.  I love to see all these different people out here in different parts of the country.

 Roping is fun and competing at rodeos is one of the best things to do.  You’re up against the best in the world nearly every time you make a run. It’s the best feeling ever, but what’s even better is getting to know those individuals for who they really are.  Not just as team ropers or competitors but as friends.  Going to lunch with some of these guys has been a huge opportunity for me because I just want to hang around these guys and learn how they act and win at all these rodeos.  Just doing that brings about so much change in my life.  You learn that these people and there families truly care about what really matters in life.  We are all competitive, but out here, it’s not necessarily an “every man for himself” type attitude.  There are genuine people on the rodeo road that really want to be apart of your life. There are people in this world that really do care about more than just themselves.  That’s something that God has harped on me throughout my entire life, to put others first no matter the circumstance.  It’s really easy to lose track of that mindset while rodeoing.  It can get lonely out here when you don’t really get to interact with a lot of people, and you can start to have a bad attitude about life if you lose focus on the important things.  I have had to refocus on having a servant’s heart, a genuine servant’s heart.  So, I started reading proverbs again.  Reading Proverbs all the way through can bring about so much change in your life. To truly glorify Christ is to live as Christ lived, to act like Christ in every way you can.  One major part of Christ’s life was serving others.  Staying disciplined in your quiet times, like reading Proverbs can get you back on track with your priorities.

 The people around me are the ones that I can have a direct influence on. The people I surround myself with can help dictate my priorities and goals.  Surrounding yourself with winners will help you win, in the same way surrounding yourself with solid Christians will help you become a better Christian.  Iron sharpens iron, so as one man sharpens another.  That’s HUGE!!! I like to evaluate where I stand in my relationship with Christ more than anything.  Keeping honest with God, even though He knows everything anyway, keeps me on a straight path of integrity.  Serving God and worshiping God is a lifestyle, and one way I am trying to keep that constant lifestyle of worship is by having a genuine servant’s heart.  The best way to lead is to serve.

I’m not saying at all that people will 100% dictate who you are.  When you read this, you must understand that you are God’s creation and no one can take that away from you.  You are more than just a team roper, cowboy, college student, business man, or barn manager, you are a person, a genuine 100%, flesh and bones person.  Everyone has a heart and everyone has a passion.  Finding that passion that is placed in your heart relies on a relationship with God.  Life is not what you do or who you hang out with, life is how you live it and how you treat those people you hang out with.  It all starts with belief.  You must first believe you can accomplish something, and then you can achieve that thing.  For me, a relationship with Christ helps my belief in what I can achieve here on earth.  I promise you, read Proverbs all the way through and you will see change in your life. Whether you’re a Christian or not, Proverbs is a book of wisdom, and you can’t help but learn from it.  Its only 31 chapters long, and each chapter is maybe a page and a half.  Its easy! I promise.

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