Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ya Gotta Love a guy like Matt Hiltman

What may not necessarily be evident on the show is how intelligent Matt actually is.  He is a college student, majoring in philosophy with minor in Psychology and he will surprise you with what he knows about most subjects that come up in conversation.  Many times when you meet guys that are pretty cerebral they sometimes make things more difficult instead of keeping things simple.  The ability to keep things simple is something of a lost art.  Matt is one of those rare guys who seem to have the ability to quiet their mind and do the task in front of them without fighting their head. We live in a world where the day we face each morning is usually complicated, confused, and sometimes insane.  Yet the second this world pulls us into the insanity, confusion, and complication we are pretty unfit to do anything to change it.  Which is why I like a guy like Matt - he can face the storm, quiet his mind, and deliver.  There are some dull men out there who are all aggression, all testosterone, and no brains, and while they may be able to get the job done with that makeup, there is usually a lot of collateral damage.  No, as men we need to be able to thoughtfully, skillfully, and cleverly meet the challenge that rises to meet us - not simply whack it over the head and drag it to the cave.  So how do we operate in this complex world and keep it simple enough to resist being overcome with the problems in it?  I think the answer was demonstrated by Matt.  He kept focusing on the next step in front of him.  He “took no thought for tomorrow.”  This is what we all need to do - focus on the next 5 seconds and try to live it well, and repeat…

*Matt Hiltman is currently co-starring with Rope on History's Full Metal Jousting.  Matt secured a convincing victory for the black team in the 4th preliminary round of the jousting competition.

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