Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rope Myers' Goals

Preparation for WTEC
Goal 1: Prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually at a level that I never have before
Goal 2: Compete at the 2011 WTEC at that level
Goal 3: Win the 2011 WTEC with all of the glory going to God
Ø      Prepare for each event
o       Rope dummies at least once each week
o       Tie calves and steers- 15 sessions each
o       Practice with Al and Joel at least 3 times
o       Practice with Tim and Drew 3 times
o       Practice cr, sw, hd, hl, and sr 20 sessions each
Ø      Prepare myself physically
o       500 pushups and 1000 sit-ups each week
o       Play bb 1 time each week
o       Maintain healthy weight (210-220lbs)
o       Eat healthy
Ø      Prepare for competition
o       Enter 5sw, 3cr, 3tr, and 2 sr
o       Watch the 2010 WTEC on video
o       Interview 2 WTEC champions
Ø      Prepare spiritually
o       Stay in the Word( finish reading the Bible through this year)
o       Read 1-3 books
o       Stay in prayer
o       Prayerfully enter into a fast that the Father initiates

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