Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sarah Ingle's Goals

Sarah Ingle

Past Accomplishments
  1. 2008 wrangler Texas State Champion Breakaway Roping
  2. 2008 national qualifier goat tying and breakaway
  3. 3 time All Around Champion Cowgirl region 4.
  4. 2008 REGION 4 champion header, champion breakaway, champion all around cowgirl
  5. TJRA  champion breakaway, champion goat tyer, champion all around cowgirl
  6. 2009 All Around Rookie of the Year in region 4 and in the state of Texas.
  7. 5 time Texas  state qualifier
  8. USTRC  finals 2009 # 12 preliminary champion header $17,00
Goals for this year
  1. Stay healthy in my mind and body and stay strong in my convictions to my Lord and Savior.
  2. Rodeo to the best of my ability, stay ahead in my school work
  3. Win breakaway in region 4  2010- 2011 season
  4. Become a 2 time State Champion Breakaway Roper.
  5. Add a few more saddles and a trailer to my collection.
  6. Return to USTRC finals this year and hope it all works out.
Continue to set good examples for my peers.
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