Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How God Uses Our Trials

Too often I hear people asking “Why? Why would God put me through this if He is real?” Because God has ordained that Christians will co-rein with Jesus Christ in eternity, to a certain degree,  they must prove that they can be trusted with authority and power. This life is a training ground to reveal both our weaknesses, and our strengths, regarding Godly character. Simplistic as it may seem, without a test, without adversity, we have no testimony of any spiritual, life-changing depth of character. Not only does he use these trials for testing ground, but also to show us our faults, and where there's room for improvement. When someone goes through a rough time, there's two ways they can go, they can either go down hill, or they can grow. It builds Godly character in someone when they make it through and grow. Being a Christian is all about growing, you must step up your Christian walk daily if you want to fulfill the shoes that God has laid out for you.
            On judgment day, God will reward Christians for making it through trials, as it talks about in Revelation 2-3 to the seven churches. The sooner we realize that “life is one long series of tests” and “life is about choices we make and actions we take” the quicker we’ll grow to find some peace inside ourselves and more peace with God. Remember: “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” Philippians 4:13.
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