Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sarah Ingle Update before State

An update on my results at Joe Beaver’s I won 4th in the average in breakaway and also won the fastest time in the short round. My time was 2.13. I received money and a Carroll Leather jacket.  The 4state final was a very successful weekend. I won many averages, an all around trailer and the breakaway saddle. At region finals I won the breakaway saddle and 2nd in the average. I also won the average in goat tying. My team roping partner and I failed to have a clean run. At the Barry Burk roping I caught my first two calves well but I missed my 3rd round calf. This really hurt, all I had to was catch and I would be 3rd high call in the roping. I missed a calf I shouldn’t have missed. He was really slow; there was no separation between my horse and the calf. So this past week I really have been working on what I need to work on so that will not happen again if I can handle it. That miss was trying to mess with my mind, trying to bring my confidence down. My mom told me I couldn’t let that one run bother me; you have state finals in two weeks. I will be competing at the Texas State finals in three events team roping, Goat tying, and breakaway roping. I called up the past Texas state champion breakaway roper from last year and asked her for some advice. These were her words don’t hold anything back, rope like you know how, try not to get nervous God already knows the outcome it’s just your job to do what you do to the best of your ability, stay focused and take one run at a time.
The Bible is Gods practice pen. The roper who doesn’t practice or study his sport will be ashamed. The same with a Christian. If you don’t read or practice what the word says, life will bring you shame and embarrassment. Why, because God’s word is the truth, it is his winner’s manual for life. The Holy Spirit loves to reveal Jesus. Championships may occur in the Thomas and Mack or other competition arenas but the practice pen is where it all takes place first. In life the word of God and faith in the word is where life’s victories are won in advance. Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength.’’
Live by faith in God’s word. Read, study, and pray. Live with authority in the power he intended you to live in.  Be strong in the Lord.
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