Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drew- California run

The past couple weeks have been a lot better.  We went to Laughlin, NV, Pocatello, ID, and Logandale, NV for the tour rodeos, and also to Las Vegas NV for the Hork Dog jackpot.  My partner and I have been roping better.  Hopefully this can start us on a role and we can keep it going.  We were 5.8 on our first one at Laughlin, but our second steer stopped and we missed him.  We were long on our first one at Pocatello, 19.6 with a barrier and a leg.  The set up at Pocatello was fast.  We made a good run on the next one and were 4.1, which ended up tying for 5th and 6th in the round.  We placed 5th in the average at Logandale.  We were one out of the first round, 5.3, we drew a runner on our second one and were 7.2 on him to be 12.5 on two.  I was fourth call back at the Hork Dog with Jay McClain and I broke the barrier.  Our roping is starting to build some momentum going into Red Bluff and the Jackpots.  We go to Red Bluff this Friday, the 15th of April.  After that there are two or three jackpots we are going to in California, then Clovis Ca the next Sunday on the 24th of April, Easter Sunday then its home for a while.

            I have been staying disciplined with my workouts.  It has been easy to stay in a routine because I have had plenty of down time in Vegas, where I have been staying for a couple weeks.  I have been eating better and maintaining my energy levels by staying active and eating right.

            I have a lot of ideas about certain things and future rodeos, but we shall see where God leads me on that.  It is crazy to me how God gives me a vision and an idea, and just lets me do the planning to put it into action.  I love letting God take control of it by just doing what I can do and letting God work the impact.  He lets me see enough for me to take another step.  I guess He just keeps building my faith for my future.  I am a visual person.  I like to see the goal in my mind, believe it can happen, and then walk in that direction.  Everyone is different with their mental game and mental disciplines, but however you learn and reach goals, you must first believe you can do it before you can achieve it.  That’s where faith comes into my life.  I can see the end objective, but how I get there is a crazy journey that only God knows every step I need to take to reach that goal.  Roping is what I do, how I go about it is what God cares about.

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