Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drew Horner in Redding, CA

It has been a rough ride, but things are looking up.  We have not been very consistent but we have been putting together better runs and I have been able to practice more because I have been home.  We did alright in April, and now in May we have started to get to practice and compete more consistently. 
We are here in Redding California for the tour rodeo this weekend.  We really need to take advantage of this one.  The average is somewhat soft so far and we are in the last set to go so we need to stick to our game and make two runs that will hopefully place us deep in the average.  We go home and get to practice for a week before the Windy Ryon jackpot.  I am roping with Trey Johnson, Allen Bach, Kyle Crick, and Chase Tryan at that jackpot.

            I am still working out consistently and eating well.  It keeps my energy up and helps me to maintain focus.  Maintaining focus with everything and keeping priorities in line is a daily chore.  To keep focus for me, is all about my priorities.  Staying in communication with God, my relationships, and my lifestyle are three major aspects that keep me disciplined and focused, most important of these my communication with Christ.  There are times when you don’t have the motivation or energy to go on, especially when times are not good, not winning, but keeping your priorities straight and in line develops motivation and keeps you focused.  This is where discipline comes in.  Discipline, self- discipline, keeps you on track and forces you to keep your priorities straight.  These steps develop character and integrity, and it all works together like a big cycle of things.  The decisions you make affect your priorities, and the relationships around you.  Then those priorities can get messed up and the relationships destroyed, then you start losing motivation and focus.  Keep your discipline in your relationship with Christ and you will struggle less with lack of motivation and focus.
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