Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drew Horner New Year

We went to Odessa for the rodeo, and it didn’t go so well.  I roped with Trey Johnson and Allen Bach at the Sand Hills Classic Open roping and didn’t make the short round.  Trey and I went out on our first one in the rodeo.  We made a good run on our second round steer and were 4.0 on him, which would of won the second round, but we got called out for crossfire.  I roped with Trey and Buddy Hawkins at the Waco USTRC roping and made the short round with Buddy, but we had a few legs that put us out of any money and points for the US Open tour. 

My main focus has been keeping my confidence up by making good solid runs and staying consistent.  My horses have been doing great at staying honest for me and giving me a good chance to catch and make consistent runs.  The consistency makes it easier on my partner to rope behind me because he knows where the steers back feet are going to be every time.  Its been a fun first couple of weeks, getting to practice with other ropers from time to time.  Hanging out with winners in our sport will help me to be a winner. 

I have been focusing more on my health lately.  I have been doing a little P90x in my workouts and mixing things up a little bit.  I have been eating gives me energy that I need whenever I compete.  I have been weak in reading my Bible everyday though.  I have been praying constantly and that keeps me in contact with Christ, but reading and actually studying His word keeps me in understanding with Him so I need to be more disciplined in that area.

It has been enjoyable so far, at least, for the first couple weeks of the year.  We got a long ways to go before it is over and I look forward to the next rodeo.  I always have to remember to stay focused on what really matters in life and that is my relationship with Christ.  Roping is fun, but it is not life.  True life is through Christ.

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  1. Good job Drew! Have lots of fun and don't live and die with every steer. It is a marathon for sure. Life isn't all about rodeo but you will learn a lot about life through rodeo. Pulling for you my friend. ck