Monday, February 21, 2011

Steer Roping

Why can it be so much harder to rope the horns when you are tripping than it is when you are team roping?  I might head 15-20 in a row without missing yet I might also run six steer roping steers and waved it off one, necked another, and flat out missed the third.  Why are there areas of our lives that seem so difficult?  Intellectually we can see that if we simply will do x, y, and z it will all work out, however, in the doing either x, y, or z always seem to go haywire.  It is difficult when you are doing all you can think to do and yet it isn’t working out.  I wish at this point I could give you an amazing Spiritual lesson that I could give you chapter and verse on what needs to happen next, I wish I could tell you how to overcome, but that would mean I had it figured out and I do not.  I still struggle with my tripping.  I may even be accused of having a bad confession by saying I still struggle.  But maybe that is the point as long as I am still struggling I’m not finished.  Maybe there are parts of life that are not going to come easy but if we are still struggling God can still come through.  All I really know for sure is the only way I have found to not experience trouble with my steer roping is to not steer rope.  Since that isn’t an option I guess I will rope the dummy again tonight, practice again tomorrow, keep seeking the Father, and get back to you when it is no longer difficult.
·        Tripping horse is doing better
·        I am starting to get into fighting shape
Needs Improvement
  • Missed too many tripping steers

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  1. This blessed me this morning - so honest, and real. I believe this is right where the Father wants us - in a place of transparency with Him, so that He can do what He desires in us.