Thursday, February 3, 2011


During any time of preparation I find it very helpful to take a break somewhere in the middle to let all that you are learning have a chance to settle and germinate within you.  You work hard in the practice pen trying to improve then you kind of hit a wall where it seems that you are not getting any better, and then you take a short break and it all goes better. 
            I see this in the details of my personal life as well.  I am made aware of some shortcoming in my walk and I begin to sow the seed to grow in that area but often I become discouraged when growth doesn’t appear to be happening.  I forget that there is a time element that takes place between sowing and reaping. 
            I am still roping a little and preparing a bit but I have taken it way back the same way a farmer may pull a few weeds, water a little maybe even work on his harvesting equipment, but the real work will have to wait a while for the seed to grow and mature. I know with my timed event prep it will go better after the break than it went the last day of practice before the break.  Now, I just need to learn the same patience in my personal life.

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