Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drew Horner week 2

These next two months, November and December, are very slow.  It’s the perfect time for me to get everything ready for next year.  I am really trying to take advantage of the time home to spend tit with friends and family, while still working at my roping everyday.  Balancing things like family, relationships, school, and roping is pretty hectic.  Keeping my priorities straight is a huge struggle with me.  I do my best to keep them in this order: relationship with God, my family, roping, and school.  Yes, for me roping is in front of school because in order to compete at a professional level, you have to treat it like an occupation, but school is important for me as well.

November and December are a time of preparation for me.  There are not many jackpots or rodeos to go to, just a few local jackpots during the week and a few open rodeos on the weekends. This will let me have the time to get ready for next year.

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