Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So much to improve so little time

When I begin to prepare for something like the WTEC it seems at times there is so much to do to be ready that it can feel overwhelming.  It can be hard to focus on one thing at a time when there are so many areas that need improvement.  I try to really concentrate on the event that is in front of me and I really try to focus on one area of that event to improve.  This allows my practice to be less sporadic and more productive which over time brings me closer to my goal.
In Luke 18 verses 18-25 Jesus interacts with the Rich Young Ruler and throughout the conversation he has with him it is obvious that the young man has some issues (i.e. he doesn’t recognize Jesus as being from the Father, he says that he has never sinned…) yet Jesus says in verse 22 that here is still “one” thing that he lacks. In other words, we may have a lot of problems but God has a way of dealing with us one issue at a time.  He even knows better than anyone else which issue is the most important to tackle.  Sometimes the problem that we may think is the most pressing will go away when something deeper is addressed.  For example, in steer wrestling many times guys will tell me they are having trouble getting the nose deep.  They think that the problem is how they are reaching for the nose when usually there are 3 or 4 more likely causes that begin earlier in the run.  In the same way, we all need that outside perspective to help us better evaluate where we need to put our energy.
·        Roping horns better
·        Heeling went pretty good
·        Calf roping dismount is improving
Needs Improvement
  • Still not down to fighting weight
  • A little behind on my Bible reading
  • My steer wrestling catch is not good

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